Online Academic Writing Workshop Series for Displaced Scholars



Supporting the academic growth and wellbeing of displaced scholars and academics


25/01/2021 – 19/04/2021

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Lottery Fund








Online Academic Writing Workshop Series for Displaced Scholars

The goal of the workshop was to help improve the academic writing and publishing skills of displaced academics. The online workshop took place every week for three months. Participants were divided into two groups based on their level of English proficiency. Those who attended a minimum of eight sessions were awarded a certificate for their participation in the workshop.

The workshop was led by Dr. Helen Hanna, an independent trainer, researcher, and academic. Guest speakers for the workshop included Stefan Kucharczyk, a writer and lecturer in the UK who discussed how to make your publications more widely known and explored different writing styles, Dr. Mark Freeman, co-editor of History of Education, who shared his experiences in academic life, and Lachlan Smith, a consultant in bid writing, who outlined the process for applying for UK research grants.

The workshop series was made possible thanks to the hard work of numerous volunteers and our team, who played a role in every phase of the project. Special thanks go to Dr. Helen Hanna for facilitating the training, as well as all of our sponsors, guest speakers, and every participant who contributed to the success of the series. According to feedback from the participants, the online workshop helped them improve their academic writing skills in English.


As a follow-up to the workshop, participants were required to submit a written article with a maximum of 3000 words, along with a personal reflection report on their experience with the workshop. They received academic feedback on their submissions. The participants also received a certificate of completion and filled in an evaluation form at the end of the workshop to provide their thoughts and feedback on the workshop.

It was a very helpful and well-organised workshop overall. I personally benefited very much from particularly the peer review process, grant applications and research excellence framework sessions, however, it was a well thought curriculum overall and every session was helpful per se. I would definitely recommend this course and would like to thank you for this nice opportunity.


The workshop was great. I hope this workshop will go on in the future.