What is RMC?

RMC is a great opportunity for researchers to get together to share their methods and methodologies. It provides an important opportunity for established academics, early-career and postgraduate researchers from across the Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, with the objective of providing a critical but supportive environment.


Over a decade ago, the Research Methodology Conference (RMC) was born from a desire for an interdisciplinary platform to ignite ideas and foster academic collaboration in Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities. Today, it is an annual celebration of scholarly exploration and a beloved tradition for established and emerging academics alike.

In its decennial year, the RMC continues to be more than a customary academic gathering. It is a thriving community of academics, a hub of innovative thinking, and a catalyst for groundbreaking research. The conference’s format, which includes presentations, discussions, and feedback sessions, has fostered an environment where ideas can flourish, and disciplines can intersect meaningfully.

The 9th edition of the RMC in 2023 saw the conference expand its reach even further, collaborating with renowned institutions across the UK. Every year, it presents a platform for bright ideas to take centre stage, promotes budding researchers, inspires and supports researchers at various stages of their careers and fosters collaborative partnerships that push the boundaries of our understanding. RMC’s story is not just about research; it’s about the relentless pursuit of knowledge, the power of diverse perspectives, and the shared vision of an enlightened world.

As we look forward to the tenth edition of the RMC, we are excited about the new ideas, collaborations, and stories that will unfold. We invite you to join us in this celebration of scholarly exploration and to be part of the ongoing story of the Research Methodology Conference. Here’s to another decade of discovery, innovation, and academic camaraderie.

Here are the ones after the pandemic

RMC 2022

Conducting Research and Revisiting Research Methods in Education and Doctoral Studies in the (Post) COVID-19 Era: Challenges and Opportunities

RMC 2023

Decolonising Research Methodologies and Methods

The ones before the pandemic (no hyperlinks, sorry!)


So far...






The presentations and presenters – interesting, useful, sophisticated and brave content, a very well curated programme


It felt a really positive, relaxed and constructive place for thought, discussions and sharing of knowledge and experience.