Research Excellence Framework by Dr Richard Race



Challenges and expectations within the UK Higher Education sector


19 April 2021

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The London Institute





Research Excellence Framework by Dr Richard Race

The London Institute of Social Studies recently hosted a webinar on the Research Excellence Framework (REF). The speaker, Dr. Richard Race from University of Roehampton London, focused on the challenges and expectations within the UK Higher Education sector, particularly in the Social Sciences, and shared key principles for success in research.

During the webinar, Dr. Race discussed the REF, a national review of research quality in the UK that takes place every seven years. The REF assesses the quality and impact of research at universities and other higher education institutions, with the aim of informing funding decisions and driving improvement in research. It is a significant event for researchers and institutions in the UK, as the results of the REF can have a significant impact on their reputation and funding.

Dr. Race provided an overview of the REF process and shared insights on how to prepare for and succeed in the REF, including tips on choosing research outputs, writing impact case studies, and demonstrating the quality and significance of your research. He also talked about the importance of collaboration and impact in research and provided examples of successful REF submissions.


Overall, the webinar was a valuable opportunity for researchers and higher education professionals to learn more about the REF and gain insights on how to excel in the UK Higher Education sector.